Cabinetry will bring real life into your kitchen space and is often the most seen part of a kitchen.
The right cabinetry will really dictate the overall style of your space.

Total Kitchens take great pride in ensuring our kitchen cabinets are all made to order, to specifically fit your spaces. No house is ever the same and to ensure cupboards close smoothly, even hinging and clean lines across the entire room, measurements need to be exact! We have several full-time cabinetmakers onsite who will never cut corners to produce your custom cabinets. When choosing your kitchen cabinetry you need to keep in mind a few options.

  • Lifestyle
  • Décor
  • Budget

Lifestyle – Consider how often your kitchen is used. Does the cabinetry need to withstand excess use or is your kitchen more for entertaining?

Décor – Adding kitchen cabinet handles can dramatically change the style of your cabinet doors. You also have the option of pull-edge or shark-nose style kitchen cupboards that do not require handles. Consider the use your kitchen cabinet handles will be subjected too. Do you mind cleaning them often or would you prefer a non-smudge and fingerprint proof finish?

Corner kitchen cabinets are a great space saving idea and are now readily available at a low cost. These corner cupboards can be fitted with inbuilt swingout-style shelving so you can access heavy pots and pans easily. At Total Kitchens, we always use Blum hinge and runner systems. These are heavy duty soft close internationally recognised for strength, longevity, and smooth closing mechanisms.

Kitchen pantry shelving is an often-overlooked feature in kitchen design. Use the maximum amount of space by adding pullout shelves so you can access those tins at the back of your pantry. Ensure you have one or two tall space shelves for bottles, olive oil, and tall pasta bottles. We have also fitted power points in some kitchen cabinet designs so that electrical appliances can be used and then pushed back into the kitchen storage cabinets easily. This helps keep your countertops and bench space clean and clear.

Don’t forget to use the space under your kitchen sink! The often-overlooked area of kitchen sink cabinets is a great space-saving area. Add draws for your cleaning products or a pull out bin (now in multiple sizes) to keep your floor and cupboards clear of buckets and cleaning products.

Top tip: ensure your overhead kitchen cupboards do not open upwards. Although they look fantastic you will need a stool to reach and close them unless you are very tall. Although mid and lower style cabinets can open upwards, it is better to have your overhead kitchen cupboards fitted with hinges to open from left to right or vice versa. This will ensure you can always close them once opened!

There is a variety of finishes that can be used on your kitchen wall cabinets, from laminate cupboards to painted kitchen cabinets. We have the ability to use glass if required in your kitchen cabinetry or provide simple plain wood kitchen cabinets. Call us today at (02) 9737 9033 Total Kitchens for an obligation-free quote and home visitation so we can help with your kitchen cabinet design.