Buying a new kitchen is something you can look forward to. Using the latest trends, expert knowledge and hands-on experience, we can turn your kitchen into the heart of your home.

Designing a kitchen is a creative yet challenging process. Your kitchen will be built to last over fifteen years of heavy use, so it is important to arm yourself with the facts prior to building.

Thanks to our many years of research into everyday kitchen use, we’ve built up a sound base of knowledge. The following FAQs may assist.

What is the difference between a flat packed kitchen and a custom kitchen?

Flat packed kitchens generally means cabinets that are not custom made to the job. Generally we associate flat pack kitchens are a DIY option. Flat Pack kitchen cabinets usually come in set sizes and will not fit your kitchen perfectly.  Essentially custom cabinets are made specifically for the one job one client one space ensuring you get exactly the kitchen you deserve!

How long does a kitchen renovation take from start to finish?

Total Kitchens aim to have your renovation completed in 6-10 weeks. This can be negotiated and you have the ability to modify this timeline to suit you and your family’s needs.

How much does kitchen renovation cost?

Kitchen renovations can vary quite significantly based on style, size, finishes and all the other aspects that contribute to the final costs. Our average kitchen quote is anywhere from $15 000 -$40 000 plus gts per kitchen.

What is the Total Kitchens difference?

We are a bespoke kitchen renovation and cabinet-making, family-run business based in Sydney. We place a huge emphasis on creating quality designs that brings value your space and lifestyle.

We don’t take short cuts and we aim to give our clients the best outcome possible.

Do you service all area in Sydney?

Yes, we do. We are based in Silverwater but we work across kitchens all over Sydney.

Do you provide language services?

Our family has staff from Vietnamese, Chinese and English-speaking backgrounds so we can certainly provide language assistance onsite if required.

How long have you been in business?

Total Kitchens has been in business for over twenty years. We are very proud of our family work, history, quality and the hundreds of kitchens that have been designed for families across Sydney.

Do you have a renovation guide?

Yes, we do! Please see our Renovation Guide page for easy to understand practice tips and ideas. You can also view our inspiration boards if you need some style direction!

Do you have a guarantee on your work?

7 years warranty on all workmanship! All hardware has a lifetime warranty.

What should you consider when doing a kitchen renovation?

A kitchen is the hub and heart of a home and holds a huge amount of products. A rough guide is 250kg of items will be held in your kitchen at any one time and you will walk over 2000 kilometers over fifteen years of use. This means your kitchen needs to be built to withstand constant use.

We always consider the following for a kitchen renovation:

  1. Budget
  2. Style and design
  3. Usage and lifestyle
  4. Spatial flow
  5. Best lead times for your renovation
  6. Quality and construction

We suggest you call us for more information if you need a helping hand on (02) 9737 9033